About Me

Hi!  I’m Stacey.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Food is my passion.  As a cooking class instructor and food photographer, I am constantly in the kitchen–creating dishes and capturing their deliciousness.  I love it all…cooking, baking, grilling.  I live for the challenge of recreating a dish that I have enjoyed at a restaurant.  I believe farm-to-table cuisine is more than just trendy; it’s an important piece of a sustainable food system that keeps farmers in business and provides produce, meat, honey, and cheese to our communities.  I shop at the farmer’s markets, eat at restaurants that use local ingredients, and support local business as much as possible.  Then there are the photos.  We eat with our eyes first, so capturing the appeal of food in a photo makes sense.  It also makes the meal even more memorable.  I hope you enjoy the recipes here, find the information helpful, and drool over the photos.  Let’s eat!

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