Celebrating the Images of NC

You all know by know how much I love to take photos of food, but my passion for capturing a moment in time goes beyond just capturing a meal or a recipe in action.  I take pictures when I travel, and those travels take me throughout my state of North Carolina.  I am always lagging behind on a trail hike in the wooded mountains or far down the beach studying the waves through my lens.  I want to see my world, my state…with intention and pause.

I appreciate the way others see the world through their photos, so I was intrigued by The North Carolina Blogger Network’s NC Photographer Awards 2015 sponsored by the Mast Farm Inn.  It is a contest for both professional and amateur photographers that celebrates the images of North Carolina.  If you would like to see some of my favorite images of NC, check out my submissions by typing (ssprenz) in the search bar on this page. I urge you to browse the amazing images that people have submitted, vote for your favorites, and submit some of your own by March 23rd!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Images of NC

  1. Thanks so much for sharing our contest and for entering. There are, indeed, some wonderful entries and gorgeous photos – a great reminder as to how amazing this state is!

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