One Year…and Counting!

A year ago I embarked upon this blogging journey.  After years of longing to write about farmers markets, using local produce, and great restaurants, I finally created my first post on November 30, 2013.  I cannot believe it has already been a year.  I admit, I would love to write more often.  In a perfect world, I would spend every day in the kitchen–cooking, creating recipes, and snapping photos of my creations.  Perhaps, some day…my perfect world will exist.  Until then, I will settle for perfect moments.

I am certain that my purpose in life is to be a connector.  The satisfaction I feel when I share a resource with someone or connect two people with similar interests is what makes life worth living! I appreciate the opportunity to give readers my favorite recipes or enlighten them with creative ways to use local produce.  I find joy in supporting local farmers and businesses by telling everyone about their products.  Thank you for reading my posts, sharing them with others, and continuing to walk with me on this food journey.  It wouldn’t be the same without YOU!

What better way to say thank you than a plate of heart shaped palmiers?

What better way to say thank you than a plate of heart shaped palmiers?

This is one of my favorite recipes because it is so good and SO easy.  Check out Ina Garten’s Palmier recipe, and impress your friends!

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