Chocolate Chip Cookies: My Kryptonite

Nothing evokes the warm feeling of a childhood memory like the smell of chocolate chip cookies.  Nothing.  I recall the electric thrill that would resonate through me when I spied a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the grocery cart.  I knew that meant mom was going to make cookies.  She likely used the Tollhouse recipe, which was the most popular and convenient recipe of that time.  Now, there are so many variations of the chocolate chip cookie that it is difficult to find the perfect recipe.  

Because it is my favorite cookie, I have tried many of those variations over the years.  I have yet to meet a chocolate chip cookie–homemade or store bought–that I didn’t like.  Still, I felt it was necessary to find a recipe that I would love so much that it would become my “go-to” recipe.  Many emptied bags of chocolate chips and pounds of creamed butter later, I settled on a recipe that I love.  It combines the flavor profiles that I crave in a chocolate chip cookie: a caramel-like sweetness, deep chocolate flavor, and a little saltiness.

There is no wrong time to eat cookies, especially chocolate chip.  Don’t tell anyone, but my favorite breakfast is a strong cup of coffee and a couple of chocolate chip cookies.  I can’t resist the temptation any time of day.  Try this recipe and you, too, will understand why these delectable cookies are my Kryptonite.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie EVER – Recipe by Alice Currah

I have played with this recipe a little.  I found that using all bittersweet chocolate chips and increasing the amount to 2 1/2 cups gives the perfect chocolate profile without being too sweet.  I also found that using all brown sugar provides even more caramel sweetness, which I adore in a baked good!



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